Tame your existing Calendar and Inbox.

Works with Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, etc.

Nothing to download or install, we connect to your Calendar and Inbox from the cloud.

“The perfect tool for anyone who schedules meetings and uses email.”

Easier Scheduling

Send someone your Calendar Link and they can pick a time to meet with you.

Snooze for Email

Drag an email from your Inbox into a Later Folder and we will move it back when it is time.

Contacts with all the data

Drag an email, we scan the signature, create the contact, and even put it in Salesforce.

Easier Scheduling

Setting up a meeting is harder than it needs to be.

Get your own calendar link like www.onit.io/your_name.
Combine multiple calendars (business, personal, gmail, exchange).
Group schedule on the fly with links like www.onit.io/jmattu+amyparis
Forget about timezones, we got the math covered.
Log the meeting into Salesforce automatically.
You are in control. Only the accept the meetings you want.
View a Demo Calendar
Using ONIT gives my clients the ability to request meeting times at their convenience, it stops the email ping pong and lets me focus on the most important things in our company. Kent Thomas

Co Founder - CEO

Snooze for Email

Stop losing important emails to the bottom of your Inbox.

Drag an email to the desired Later Folder.
We will move it back to the top of your Inbox when it is time.
Keeps you on task by reducing Inbox clutter.
Keep your Inbox clean with just the emails that need your attention now.
Works with every email account (gmail, outlook, exchange, etc.), and every device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc). Nothing to install.
ONIT helps me meet with clients and prospects sooner, gives me more time to prepare and resolve issues in the sales cycle and makes sure I don’t miss important follow up. LOVE IT! Emily Wilson

Regional Sales Manager

Drag an email, create a contact

Capture all your contacts data, not just their name and email.

Drag an email to create a contact or lead.
We parse the email signature.
Contacts are created in your email account and Salesforce.
We also email you a Vcard and a link to the contact in Salesforce.
No duplicates. Super easy and fast. All data captured.
I can take care of my customers better than my competitors can because I don’t have to worry about busy work or CRM data entry. For me, that means better close rates and longer, more lasting client relationships. Scott Busby

Sales Manager



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